S1 E5- Four Strokes and Two Brain Surgeries Later – Lisa Deck’s Story

Lisa Deck is a four time stroke survivor who is currently living with moyamoya disease. She has had two brain surgeries, she is  a fighter and  she uses her experience to educate and empower women about the risk factors for heart disease and stroke.  Learn more about Lisa’s story here

S1E4 -Three heart procedures before the age of 10 -Helga’s Story

S1E4 -Three heart procedures before the age of 10 -Helga’s Story

Helga was born with an aortic heart valve stenosis. After the first femoral catheter they decided to do another femoral catheter intervention where they used a balloon catheter to expand her aortic valve. But the surgery failed and so she had a valve with a serious insufficiency. It became so bad that they decided to implant me a donor valve.…

S1E3 Supra Ventricular Tachycardia – Rebecca Smith-Casey’s Story

In 1993 when Rebecca was a sophomore in high school she was in the middle of field hockey summer sessions when she started having dizzy spells, tunnel vision, blackouts, and fainting. Her parents took her to her family doctor  who ordered a holter monitor, which showed an irregular heart beat and she was diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia, supra ventricular tachycardia…