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Learning & Living with Heart Disease

Hello! I’m Stacy-Ann, and this is the heart life! My blog is for women who are just like me, women living with heart disease. This is a safe space for us to talk about our heart disease survivor journey while we empower and uplift each other.  You’ll find a space to learn, to get support, and to enjoy you life!

“The experience has taught me the true meaning of gratitude. I live every day being thankful for my life and for my daughter’s life.”

A Fresh Approach to Heart Health & Wellness

The Heart Life Journal

Heart Disease and Stroke Management

The Heart Life Journal is your all-in-one heart disease and stroke management diary designed to help you manage your health. It includes lined diary pages to document your emotions and goals plus all the logs you need to manage your blood pressure, fluid and sodium intake, symptoms, heart rate, weight gain and more.

Free 1:1 Consultation

We are in this together...

I know how scary it can be after a heart disease or stroke diagnosis. Talking to a another survivor may be helpful as you learn to navigate your new reality. Contact me to talk about your journey and learn about the resources I used to help me through the bad days. Get the support you need and let us empower each other.

THL Wellness Retreat

Healing together

The Heart Life Wellness Retreat is a health retreat dedicated to helping women create a heart healthy lifestyle while building a community of survivors and exploring beautiful parts of the world. Heart Disease survivors will get together to share their stories, travel the world, meet new friends and have fun.

Stacy-Ann has been selected as a 2019 Go Red for Women Real Woman

“This experience has taught me the true meaning of gratitude. I live every day being thankful for my life and for my daughter’s life.”


The Heart Life Journal for women is designed for heart disease and stroke survivors.

Journal Includes:

  • Over 200 lined diary pages
  • Blood pressure logs with BP chart
  • Fluid intake and sodium tracker
  • Symptoms and activity tracker
  • Medical Appointment tracker
  • Health and wellness goals tracker
  • Emotional state check-in points
  • 24 month calendar
Support & Share

Spread Awareness

I share my life with others so that they can understand what it is like living with Heart Disease. I hope that my stories bring people together and support those that are living with Heart Disease.

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I would love to hear from you with questions, suggestions and heart stories.

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