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Hello! I’m Stacy-Ann, and this is the heart life! My blog is for people who are just like me, people living with heart disease. You’ll find a space to learn, to get support, and to enjoy life!

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Stacy-Ann's Story featured on American Heart Association

You're Too Young to have Heart Disease
“This experience has taught me the true meaning of gratitude. I live every day being thankful for my life and for my daughter’s life.”

Making your own Choices

What Living with Heart Disease has Taught Me

      Don’t spend time thinking about what others think of you, listen to your gut and stand firm on the life decisions you make. 


      Worrying about your heart disease isn’t any way to live, life isn’t over when you have heart disease, living life to the fullest is important.


      I’m a busy working mom to a wonderful daughter and life can get crazy sometimes! It’s essential that you find the energy to create some harmony in your daily life.

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Spread Awareness
I share my life with others so that they can understand what it is like living with Heart Disease. I hope that my stories bring people together and support those that are living with Heart Disease.

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