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Hello! I’m Stacy-Ann, and this is the heart life! My blog is for women who are just like me, women living with heart disease. This is a safe space for us to talk about our heart disease survivor journey while we empower and uplift each other.  You’ll find a space to learn, to get support, and to enjoy you life!

“The experience has taught me the true meaning of gratitude. I live every day being thankful for my life and for my daughter’s life.”

The Heart Life Journal for women is designed for heart disease and stroke survivors.

Journal Includes:

  • Over 200 lined diary pages
  • Blood pressure logs with BP chart
  • Fluid intake and sodium tracker
  • Symptoms and activity tracker
  • Medical Appointment tracker
  • Health and wellness goals tracker
  • Emotional state check-in points
  • 24 month calendar
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I share my life with others so that they can understand what it is like living with Heart Disease. I hope that my stories bring people together and support those that are living with Heart Disease.

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