Interviews from the heart- Hyvelle Ferguson-Davis

Interviews from the heart- Hyvelle Ferguson-Davis

Name: Hyvelle Ferguson- Davis
Age: 46
City, State: North Lauderdale, Florida

How old were you when you were diagnosed with heart disease
41 yeas old

How did you learn that you have heart disease
After my stroke

Have you had any surgeries or hospitalizations related to heart disease
Yes, Open heart surgery, subsequence stent surgeries

How has living with heart disease impacted your life?
 In every way my life is been impacted, I’m very mindful of the fact that we need to care for ourselves because if we can’t care for ourselves , who’s going to care for our families 

Will you need future surgeries?
No, I’m learning to fight the good fight

How do you keep yourself motivated during the difficult times?
I thank God for His grace! Thing could have went so bad! But God…

Why is sharing your heart story with other women important to you?
I wouldn’t want one person to go through what I experienced , so that’s when I tell my story!!

What advice do you have for other women living with heart disease?
Be mindful and love your self! Love life…

Many people are not aware that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in the US, why do you think that is?
Tell you the truth, I was diagnosed with diabetes I knew the risk, but it didn’t affect me!

What do you think you can do to raise awareness about women and heart disease?
start with our friends and family! We especially need to bring our black communities to a place where they understand that their health is extremely important!

What has living with heart disease taught you?
Live in the moment and to love.

What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for life… plain and simple. I actually started living once I decided that I’m worth fighting for!

As a heart disease survivor, you try to live a healthy lifestyle but you are human so what’s your guilty pleasure?
I love carrot cake!  Now, I eat it without the icing and I modified my eating. I am so used to doing it now it has became second the nature to me.

What do you like to do for fun?
 I get out and live! I’m living outside of my box and loving it! I never truly took a vacation but now, we go somewhere new every year.

Any final thoughts?
love yourself, we only have one life make it the best one…

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