S1 E7 -Three Stroke Survivors Who Are Now Homies (Stromies)

On this episode of The Heart Life we meet Sarah, Angie and Tamsen- Three women brought together by the most extraordinary of circumstances. Strokes brought them together – and now they’re homies. Stroke homies…STROMIES!

Angie Jorgensen is a mom and certified fitness instructor. In 2012 she was in a coma, suffered a stroke and found out she had a rare kind of cancer called a pheochromocytoma. Her amazing recovery continues to inspire the people around her.

Sarah Conaway is a busy mom and speaker. A survivor of both stroke and Lupus, her amazing recovery story provides hope for others.

Tamsen Butler is a mom, certified fitness instructor, and award-winning author. Her massive stroke at age 41 was unexpected and life-changing.

Angie, Sarah, Tamsen and I have a candid conversation about their experience as stroke survivors and advocates. Learn more about the stromies on their blog the Three Stromies.

Do you know the signs and symptoms  of a stroke? Learn more here

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